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Pierre Marcel Violin VI Del Gesu 1742

  • Violin by Pierre Marcel VI Del Gesu 1742
  • Top: Fine grained spruce
  • Back: Fine grained maple with even medium figure
  • Sides: Same Maple as the back
  • Scroll: Same Maple as the back and sides
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Fittings: Ebony pegs and chinrest, wittner composit tailpiece
  • Bridge: Despiau Superior on Tree custom fit here in our shop
  • Soundpost: Spruce custom fit here in our shop
  • Strings: Rondo
  • Varnish: Spirit Varnish of a soft glossy texture
  • Tonal Characteristics:  Clear, clean and penetrating tone.
  • Suitable for: Advancing players



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Price: $4,200.00

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