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Vision Titanium Orchestra Violin Strings

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Size: 4/4

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Vision Titanium Orchestra strings are loved by experienced players for their focused and centered sound with a direct response and ease of playability. Applying a stronger bow pressure reveals and modulates their strong brilliant contour, opening them to a wide range of colors. Their refined metallic edge enables orchestral players blend with others in a big hall. The string design provides an exceptional tuning stability needed for challenging concert conditions. Vision Titanium Orchestra strings deliver a direct bow response with a vibrant and sparkling feeling due to the rich overtone spectrum in their sound. These strings shape an instrument’s trebles towards a warmer, more centered character. Although the lower strings offer a broad character with a deep sound foundation, the power makes this set a recommended choice for dark, dull or hollow sounding instruments. Other than an all-round set, the VIT100o offers a perfect balance on violins that benefit from the strong top strings with wide and deep lower strings.