Improve Brain Function through Playing the Violin

Improve brain function through playing the violin provides a nice way of playing a musical instrument that exercises the brain by engaging almost every part of the brain, including regions responsible for processing vision, sound, movement, and memory. This is...

 Ethan Morency

Upgrading Your Violin at the Right Time

Playing an instrument comes with ups, downs, growth and plateaus – but all musicians have something in common: they will need to upgrade their instrument eventually. Upgrading your violin is an exciting time for you get to try new instruments,...

 Ethan Morency

Violin Shop Tampa Awards First Free Violin

Violin Shop Tampa Newsroom – 3/23/2023 Violin Shop Tampa announced its first winner in the VIP Violin Give Away – Tanya Roth.  “We are excited to support our local community by bringing music and instruments to those families,” said Ethan...

 Ethan Morency