Trade-In Policy

Violin Shop Tampa Inc.'s Trade-in policy

Last Updated June 14, 2024

Thank you for choosing Violin Shop Tampa.

1. One-for-One: You can trade in only one instrument toward your new instrument.

2. Size Upgrade: Get up to 100% trade-in value when upgrading to a larger size instrument.

3. Value-Based Trade-in: For a lateral trade (e.g., 4/4 violin for 4/4 violin), you'll get up to 100% trade-in value if the new instrument is valued at least double the trade-in instrument. Otherwise, it's half of the original purchase price.

4. Deductions Apply: Deduct case, bow, strings, or damage costs if necessary (see the cost deduction list).

5. Trade-In Conditions: We do not accept instruments with certain types of damage, read examples below:


A. Deep scratches that are caused by something other than normal wear and tear, for example...Initials or letters of any kind that have been scratched into the instrument.

B. Cracks on the body and broken necks (repaired or not)

C. Excessive varnish damage from heat or water

D. Instruments that have been notated in our record keeping system for damage caused by abuse or neglect.

E. Instrument concerns that would create a barrier for us to sell the instrument should not be considered for trade-in. Trade-in instruments are always at the sole discretion of Violin Shop Tampa management

6. Instruments purchased from other shops: If you did not buy from Violin Shop Tampa, we may still consider your trade-in. We typically offer 50% of its online selling price, minus any refurbishment costs.

For questions or evaluations, please contact us