About Us

Our Values

At the Violin Shop Tampa, we stand for these values:

  • Honesty: providing you a truthful perspective and opinion on potential instruments
  • Integrity: with honesty comes consistency in the way we handle business - we will always maintain our word to our customers
  • Love for Music: we will always share a love for music and the instruments that connect others to it

Our Mission

Honesty, integrity and a love for music drives us to all things classical strings, and by making your needs our needs, we strive to help you find an instrument you love so you can love your music. 

About Us

We know you want to be a skilled, lifelong musician. In order to do that, you need a better quality instrument that will support your advancing skill level. The problem is, it’s hard to find someone (besides your teacher) to find the right instrument that will help you grow to the next level which makes you feel frustrated.

Being limited by something you can’t control - like an instrument you’ve outgrown - isn’t fun. We believe you should be able to experience your full potential as a musician, not be limited by your instrument. We understand what it feels like to be limited in your expression and musicianship by the wrong instrument for you.

Every single one of us at Violin Shop Tampa is an orchestral musician who is actively playing, teaching or both. Our staf has over 250 years of combined experience playing their instruments, and we also have an in-store workshop with three trained violin makers who have over 90 years of combined luthier experience. We’re here to help you find the perfect instrument for you and to help you keep it maintained and sounding amazing.

The Process

Here’s how we do it - first, visit our shop in person to see all the amazing instruments we have available. Then, work with our expert staf to figure out which instrument is perfect for you and the way you play. You can try as many instruments as you want before you buy - we’ll even let you take your favorite home for a week to give it a real test run.

Finally, when you get your new instrument home, you’ll be thrilled with how it feels to play again. So visit us in person or online and find your instrument, but in the meantime, download our free resource outlining 5 Ways to Know You’re Ready for a New Instrument so you can stop feeling frustrated and stuck as a musician and start feeling the confidence and empowerment that comes from playing an instrument that feels like you!


Meet the Team

  • Ethan Morency

    Owner / President
    Ethan is a violinist with over 26 years of experience, and also a skilled luthier with 20 years of experience in orchestral instrument repair. A native Floridian, he is excited to bring two full-service instrument shops to the greater Tampa Bay area, a service greatly needed within the stringed community! Ethan is a University of South Florida graduate where he obtained his Bachelor's of Science degree in finance and marketing.

  • Francesco Muci

    Workshop Manager
    Francesco is a professional luthier with over 23 years of experience, and we are excited to have him and his diverse experience on our team! He is originally from Morlupo, Italy, a small town just north of Rome.

    Francesco graduated from the International Luthier School of Cremona’s three year violin and bow making program in 2001. The prestigious program has also adopted the name, International Professional Institute of Violin Making and Woodcraft, and it has been in operation in Cremona, Italy, since 1938.

  • Mikel Thomas

    Cello Specialist
    Mikel is a professional cellist who has been playing for 23 years, as well as teaching advanced students in a studio setting for the past 10 years. A Texas native, Mikel brings a broad range of experience as a performer to serving our clientele! Mikel obtained his Bachelor of Music in Cello Performance from the Boston Conservatory and later studied at University of South Florida where he received his Master of Music, also in Cello Performance. He has been on our team for 7 years serving as our cello specialist.

  • Nathan Gross

    Manager / Workshop Technician

  • Tim Roy

    Touch up Specialist
    Tim is a Florida native and has been playing upright bass for the past 13 years. We are excited to have him on our team. Tim is a graduate of the USF jazz studies program, and is also a 2013 graduate from Brevard Community College in Melbourne, where he obtained his Associate of Arts degree. He previously played guitar and had the opportunity to study jazz guitar and music theory under Michael Leasure, a guitarist/composer who specializes in jazz, classical, and acoustic guitars and original compositions. Tim has been on our team for nine years serving as our varnish touch up specialist and workshop technician.

  • Lemay James

    Bow Specialist
    Lemay is a professional violinist and has been our shop's bow specialist for 6 years.

  • Emily Monroe

    School Coordinator

  • Brendan Rhea

    Workshop Technician

  • Susan Lindemann

    Cello Specialist

  • Rachel Phillips

    Director of Marketing

  • Bonnie Walker

    Violin Specialist
    Bonnie is a seasoned violinist with over 30 years of experience in performance. Currently a valued member of the Violin Shop Tampa sales team for five years, she leverages her extensive musical background to assist players in selecting instruments that best suit their artistic needs. Bonnie actively performs with various orchestral and chamber ensembles across Florida. Additionally, she imparts her expertise to students in private and collegiate settings. She earned her Master's Degree in Music Performance and Chamber Music from the University of South Florida and holds a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from SUNY Fredonia.

  • Madeleine Klee

    Violin Specialist 

  • Jean Randall



  • Dereck Coons

    Dereck is a Master luthier with over 26 years of experience. He is excited to bring his passion and skill set to the greater Tampa Bay area. Dereck began his journey at Indiana University's prestigious Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana 1996.