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Jay Haide Cello Model 101 4/4 Strad

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Jay Haide Cello Model 101 4/4 Strad: The Symphony of Tradition and Modernity. Step into a world of rich, resonant sound with the Jay Haide Cello Model 101 4/4 Strad, where centuries-old craftsmanship meets modern precision to deliver an instrument that is both a joy to play and to hear. Inspired by the renowned Stradivarius design, this full-sized cello caters to aspiring cellists and veteran performers alike.

Inspirational Craftsmanship

Built with a reverence for the golden age of string instruments, the Jay Haide Cello Model 101 exhibits craftsmanship that evokes the work of the great masters. Skilled artisans hand-carve and sculpt each cello from seasoned, selected tone woods to bring you an instrument that is both a work of art and a tribute to tradition.

Rich and Resonant Sound

Expect nothing less than a sound that is deep, warm, and resonant. The Model 101 4/4 Strad is engineered to produce a rich tonal quality that is versatile enough to grace any musical genre with aplomb. Its finely calibrated acoustics offer a mature, full-bodied sound that is both sensitive to nuanced performances and powerful enough to fill concert halls.

Elevated Playability

Playing the Jay Haide Model 101 is a tactile delight, with an ergonomic design that facilitates a comfortable and efficient playing posture. The instrument's thoughtful construction promotes a harmonious interaction between musician and cello, allowing for a flow of music that is both natural and inspiring.

Timeless Aesthetics

Behold an instrument that pairs striking visuals with functionality. Each cello features a hand-applied, oil-based varnish that not only accentuates the natural beauty of the wood grain but also aids in the instrument's resonance and tonal quality. The finish matures gracefully, promising an instrument that becomes more beautiful with time, both visually and acoustically.

Durability Meets Excellence

Designed to be a lifelong musical partner, this cello offers remarkable durability without compromising on sound quality. The high-grade materials and craftsmanship ensure an instrument that withstands the rigors of daily practice and performance, promising unyielding excellence through years of musical exploration.


  • Size: 4/4, providing full-bodied sound and a generous resonating chamber.
  • Materials: Expertly crafted using seasoned tone woods, chosen for their acoustic properties and durability.
  • Finish: Oil-based varnish, hand-applied to enhance both aesthetics and acoustical properties.
  • Set-Up: Outfitted with high-quality strings and fittings, professionally set up to provide a play-ready experience from the first bow stroke.

Suitability Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or a seasoned cellist, the Jay Haide Cello Model 101 4/4 Strad is designed to meet the demands of a wide spectrum of players. It is a choice that symbolizes dedication to the craft, and a stepping stone towards musical mastery.

Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring world of cello music with the Jay Haide Cello Model 101 4/4 Strad — your pathway to musical excellence marked by tradition, precision, and incomparable quality.


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