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Albert Reitz Violin 1975

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1975 Albert Reitz Violin: A Symphony of Craftsmanship and Ageless Brilliance

Delve into the rich heritage of violin craftsmanship with the 1975 Albert Reitz violin, an instrument that blends historical artistry with timeless elegance. Crafted meticulously to facilitate a symphonic resonance, this violin stands as a beacon for aspiring professionals seeking a sound that bears the hallmark of brilliance in every note.

Historic Craftsmanship

In a time-honored tradition dating back to 1975, this violin is a testament to Albert Reitz's commitment to quality and precision. The carefully selected aged tone woods undergo a meticulous crafting process, yielding an instrument that harbors years of experience and a personality deeply engraved in its core.

A Palette of Vibrant Tones

Unlock a world of rich and unique overtones as you play the Albert Reitz violin. The aged tone woods come alive under the bow, offering a strong, brilliant sound detailed with nuances that speak to the artist's soul. Its robust acoustic profile stands ready to communicate your musical vision with clarity and vigor, offering a palette of vibrant tones to color your performances.

Exquisite Flamed Back

Turn the violin and witness a visual symphony etched in the intricately flamed maple back. This remarkable feature is not just a testament to the violin's craftsmanship, but a fundamental contributor to its distinct sound profile. It captures the essence of artistry, promising a visual treat that complements the auditory excellence, a true embodiment of beauty in every dimension.

Clean and Classic Front

Contrasting the dynamic flamed back, the clean and pristine front offers a canvas of elegance and sophistication. Its unblemished facade invites focus and reverence, serving as the perfect backdrop to the rich sounds that emanate from within, projecting a sound of purity and brilliance that is unrivaled.

Aspiring Professionals’ Choice

Geared towards the needs of the aspiring professional, this violin offers a level of sophistication that encourages growth and mastery. Whether refining your techniques or exploring new musical landscapes, the Albert Reitz violin becomes not just an instrument, but a reliable partner in your journey towards musical excellence.


  • Year of Craft: 1975, a testimony to enduring quality and craftsmanship.
  • Materials: Aged tone woods, bearing the secrets to the violin's brilliant detail and strong sound profile.
  • Back: Unique flamed back, offering a visual and auditory symphony.
  • Front: Clean and classic, the front is a canvas for pure, resonant sounds.
  • Sound: Unique overtones providing a rich sonic experience with deep complexities.

Suitability Embrace the path to professional mastery with the 1975 Albert Reitz violin. Suitable for advancing students and aspiring professionals, it stands as a vessel of historic craftsmanship ready to carry your musical expression into realms of unprecedented detail and brilliance.

Indulge in the rich history and outstanding craftsmanship of the 1975 Albert Reitz violin, where every note is a testament to a legacy of excellence.


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