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Giuseppe Pellacani Op. 112 Violin

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Giuseppe Pellacani Op. 112 Violin – A Timeless Italian Masterpiece for the Discerning Musician



🎻 Celebrating Italian Artistry – Introducing the Giuseppe Pellacani Op. 112 Violin, a remarkable instrument crafted in the heart of Modena, Italy. This violin is not just an instrument; it's a piece of history, embodying the rich legacy of Italian craftsmanship and the passionate life of its maker, Giuseppe Pellacani.

🌟 About Giuseppe Pellacani:

  • A Life Dedicated to Music: Born in 1900, Pellacani was not only an excellent violinist but also a devoted luthier. He studied under renowned masters Nicolo Bianchi in Nice and Enzo Arassi in Milan, honing his craft to perfection.
  • Prolific Career: Throughout his career, Pellacani crafted 295 exquisite instruments, including violins, violas, and cellos, each reflecting his dedication to the world of music and violin making.

💎 Exquisite Craftsmanship & Materials:

  • Op. 112 Model: This violin, being one of Pellacani’s opus, showcases his meticulous attention to detail and his deep understanding of acoustics.
  • Italian Heritage: Made in Modena, Italy, the violin resonates with the traditional Italian violin-making techniques, renowned for their superior sound and build quality.

🎵 Superb Sound Quality:

  • Tonal Characteristics: The Pellacani violin produces a rich, nuanced sound, embodying the maker's deep musical understanding. It's suitable for a wide range of repertoires and playing styles, perfect for both professional performances and practice.


  • Own a piece of Italian violin-making history with the Pellacani Op. 112.
  • Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of a renowned Italian luthier.
  • Enjoy the rich, nuanced sound ideal for various musical expressions.
  • A collector's item and a practical instrument for serious musicians.
  • A testament to Pellacani's lifetime dedication to music and craftsmanship.

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