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Jay Haide a L'ancienne Strad 16"

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Delve into the soulful world of viola music with the Jay Haide à l'ancienne 15.5/16" viola, an instrument fashioned with the expertise of years and the precision of modern craftsmanship. Its moderate size and meticulously selected materials come together to offer you an experience of comfort, beauty, and sterling sound quality.

Refined Craftsmanship

At the core of Jay Haide violas lies a commitment to refined craftsmanship. Every 15.5" à l'ancienne viola is a product of countless hours of detailed work by skilled artisans, resulting in an instrument that combines traditional crafting techniques with contemporary expertise.

Superior Sound

Unveil the rich and complex sound landscapes hidden within the highest quality tone woods. This viola offers an even response across all strings, providing a warm, yet powerful projection that is versatile for both ensemble settings and solo performances. Its voice matures with time, blossoming into a deeper, fuller tone that is both haunting and evocative.

Optimized Playability

The 15.5" size is expertly chosen to facilitate a comfortable playing experience, promoting natural hand and arm positions while not compromising on the full-bodied sound commonly associated with larger violas. This optimization of playability makes it an excellent choice for young adults and players with smaller frames, offering a comfortable yet vibrant playing experience.

Classic Aesthetics

The Jay Haide à l'ancienne viola embodies classic elegance, featuring an antique-style varnish that not only protects the wood but enhances its natural beauty. This hand-applied finish gives each instrument a unique character, promising an aesthetic that is both timeless and distinct.

Durable and Reliable

Constructed to stand the test of time, this viola offers reliability and durability, assuring a long lifespan even under extensive use. The quality of materials and construction means your instrument will not just last, but improve with age, offering a rich and evolving sound palette for years to come.


  • Size: 15.5/16", a popular choice for its comfort and playability.
  • Materials: Selected seasoned tone woods, expertly carved and crafted to form a resonant body and a responsive soundboard.
  • Finish: Hand-applied antique-style varnish, enhancing the natural grain of the wood.
  • Set-Up: Equipped with professional-grade strings and fittings, ensuring it's ready to play and primed for performance.

Suitability Ideal for advancing students and dedicated amateurs, the Jay Haide à l'ancienne 15.5/16" viola is also at home in the hands of a professional, offering a quality that suits both practice and performance settings. It is a trusty companion for musicians looking to take their artistry to new heights, promising a combination of comfort and quality that meets the needs of discerning violists.

Experience the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity with the Jay Haide à l'ancienne 15.5/16" viola—a choice that brings not just an instrument, but a partner in your musical journey.