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Kohr Dark Rosin Block

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Kohr Dark Rosin Block – Unearth Deep, Rich Tones & Unsurpassed Control for Captivating Musical Expressions!


🎶 Deep & Resonant Sound – Dive into a sonic symphony with Kohr Dark Rosin Block! Renowned for eliciting deep, rich, and warm tones, this rosin is your gateway to an acoustic experience brimming with emotional depth and captivating resonance.

🎻 Superior Grip & Fluid Playability – Master every movement with confidence! Kohr Dark Rosin Block provides unrivaled grip, enabling fluid, controlled playability, and fostering a harmonious dialogue between your bow and strings for both pizzicato and arco techniques.

💎 Convenient Block Form & Quality Craftsmanship – Elegantly shaped into a user-friendly block, Kohr Dark Rosin is designed for effortless application and handling, ensuring consistency in every stroke and amplifying your instrument's authentic voice.

🌿 Purity of Premium Natural Ingredients – Delight in the essence of pure sound! Composed of the finest natural ingredients, Kohr Dark Rosin Block stands as a beacon of purity and quality, minimizing dust and enhancing the intrinsic warmth of your music.

🌍 Versatile & Internationally Acclaimed – From orchestral stages to intimate gigs, Kohr Dark Rosin Block is a versatile and cherished choice among musicians globally, enriching a plethora of musical genres with its unique sound attributes.


  • Discover Deep, Rich, and Resonant Tones
  • Enjoy Superior Grip & Fluid Playability
  • Effortless Application with Convenient Block Design
  • Relish in the Purity of Premium Natural Ingredients
  • Acclaimed and Versatile for Various Musical Styles

Awaken Rich Musical Expressions! Ready to uncover the deep, emotive tones of your instrument? Click ‘Add to Cart’ and let Kohr Dark Rosin Block guide you through a journey of rich, captivating musical expressions!