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Marco Dobresovitch Cello 1930

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Marco Dobresovitch was born in Montenegro in 1891.  Hestudied violin making with Pollastri in the 1920's and returned to Alexandria finally setting up shop in Cairo in 1941.  Modelling very Stradivairian inexecution, he was not a fan of any new-fangled ideas or experimentations. Arching is flawless as is the wood selection.  This cello features a onePiece back which is exceedingly rare.  Beautifully clear varnish leaving the texture and grain of the wood very accessible. Instruments highly praisedby many great artists.  Marko Dobresovitch presented King Farouk of Egyptwith a quartet.  A Professional Cello by any ones standard suited for Solowork. The tone is penetrating with incredible projection andclarity.  The condition is excellent and is free of any major damage or repairs, professionally played and owned. Made in Alexandria Egypt 1930.


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