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Mid 19th Century Antonio Pedrinelli Violin Crespano Italy

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Antonio Pedrinelli Mid-19th Century Violin – A Crespano Italian Masterpiece with Authenticity



🎻 Historical Italian Craftsmanship – Experience the resonance of history with this mid-19th Century violin crafted by the esteemed Antonio Pedrinelli. Originating from Crespano, Italy, in the 1850s, this violin embodies the rich tradition of Italian violin-making, known for its meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional sound quality.

🌟 About Antonio Pedrinelli:

  • Legacy of Excellence: Antonio Pedrinelli was a celebrated luthier from Crespano, Italy, whose work in the mid-1800s is renowned for its superior craftsmanship and unique sound characteristics. His violins are cherished by musicians and collectors worldwide for their historical significance and acoustic brilliance.

πŸ’Ž Certificate of Authenticity by Harry Duffy:

  • Provenance Guaranteed: This violin comes with a certificate of authenticity from Harry Duffy, dated 1976. Duffy, a revered figure in the world of violin restoration and appraisal, lends further credibility and value to this already exceptional instrument.

🎡 Timeless Sound and Elegance:

  • Mid-19th Century Artistry: The violin showcases the classic Italian artistry of its era, with a sound that is both warm and robust, ideal for both professional performances and private collections.
  • Preserved Excellence: Having been preserved through the centuries, this instrument not only tells a story of the past but also offers an unparalleled playing experience for today's musicians.


  • Own a piece of Italian violin-making history crafted by Antonio Pedrinelli.
  • Benefit from the authenticity and expertise of Harry Duffy's certification.
  • Enjoy the rich, warm sound characteristic of mid-19th Century Italian violins.
  • Perfect for both professional violinists and collectors of rare instruments.
  • A unique opportunity to own a violin that blends historical significance with exceptional playability.

Embrace Musical Heritage!
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