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Mid 19th Century Antonio Pedrinelli Violin Crespano Italy

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Antonio Pedrinelli Mid-19th Century Violin – A Crespano Italian Masterpiece with Authenticity



🎻 Historical Italian Craftsmanship – Experience the resonance of history with this mid-19th Century violin crafted by the esteemed Antonio Pedrinelli. Originating from Crespano, Italy, in the 1850s, this violin embodies the rich tradition of Italian violin-making, known for its meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional sound quality.

🌟 About Antonio Pedrinelli:

  • Legacy of Excellence: Antonio Pedrinelli was a celebrated luthier from Crespano, Italy, whose work in the mid-1800s is renowned for its superior craftsmanship and unique sound characteristics. His violins are cherished by musicians and collectors worldwide for their historical significance and acoustic brilliance.

💎 Certificate of Authenticity by Harry Duffy:

  • Provenance Guaranteed: This violin comes with a certificate of authenticity from Harry Duffy, dated 1976. Duffy, a revered figure in the world of violin restoration and appraisal, lends further credibility and value to this already exceptional instrument.

🎵 Timeless Sound and Elegance:

  • Mid-19th Century Artistry: The violin showcases the classic Italian artistry of its era, with a sound that is both warm and robust, ideal for both professional performances and private collections.
  • Preserved Excellence: Having been preserved through the centuries, this instrument not only tells a story of the past but also offers an unparalleled playing experience for today's musicians.


  • Own a piece of Italian violin-making history crafted by Antonio Pedrinelli.
  • Benefit from the authenticity and expertise of Harry Duffy's certification.
  • Enjoy the rich, warm sound characteristic of mid-19th Century Italian violins.
  • Perfect for both professional violinists and collectors of rare instruments.
  • A unique opportunity to own a violin that blends historical significance with exceptional playability.

Embrace Musical Heritage!
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