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Karl Hofner German Violin Bow

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Karl Hofner German Pernambuco Round Violin Bow – Elevate Your Violin Journey with Excellence


🎻 Elevated Craftsmanship & Precision – Step into the realm of superior musical artistry with the Karl Hofner German Pernambuco Round Violin Bow. This one-star bow, known for its impeccable craftsmanship and quality, is an ideal choice for students and advancing violinists seeking an excellent upgrade.

🌟 Premium Pernambuco Construction:

  • Material: Expertly carved from premium German Pernambuco, this round stick bow is designed for enhanced strength, durability, and responsiveness, ensuring a balanced and nuanced playing experience.
  • Design: The round stick shape provides a comfortable grip and optimal weight distribution, enabling precise control and fluidity in every stroke.

πŸ’Ž Silver-Mounted Sophistication:

  • This bow features a full silver mount, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. The silver mount not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the overall balance and responsiveness of the bow.

🎡 Ideal Weight for Advanced Playability:

  • Weighing at 60.53 grams, the Karl Hofner bow strikes a perfect balance between agility and stability. Its weight is ideally suited for advanced playing techniques, offering both ease and precision for the advancing student.


  • Experience the renowned craftsmanship of Karl Hofner.
  • Enjoy the exceptional qualities of German Pernambuco wood.
  • Benefit from the sophisticated design of a silver-mounted full bow.
  • Perfect weight for advanced control and nuanced play.
  • An excellent upgrade for students advancing in their violin journey.

Your Path to Musical Mastery!
Are you ready to enhance your violin experience with a bow that embodies tradition, elegance, and advanced playability? Click β€˜Add to Cart’ and let the Karl Hofner German Pernambuco Round Violin Bow be your partner in mastering the violin's expressive potential.