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Coda Diamond White Alabaster Frog Violin Bow

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CodaBow DIAMOND GX Carbon Fiber Violin Bow: The Pinnacle of Performance and Innovation


🎻 A Masterpiece of Musical Engineering – Introducing the CodaBow DIAMOND GX, a carbon fiber violin bow that is a stunning tribute to history’s great performance bows. Designed for professionals worldwide, this bow delights with its warm, robust tone and sophisticated design, catering to the diverse needs of today’s dynamic musicians.

🌟 Blended Acoustic Core Technology:

  • Innovative Core: The bow features a blended Natural and Kevlar Acoustic Core, including Kevlar, carbon, and natural play fibers, infused under high pressure. This advanced construction results in unrivaled timbre, overtones, and range, surpassing traditional carbon fiber bows.
  • Decades of Craftsmanship: CodaBow’s experience shines through in every aspect, ensuring that superior sound is achieved through more than just materials – it’s the culmination of years of innovation and expertise.

💎 Diamond Weave Carbon Fiber Architecture:

  • Aerospace-Grade Design: The Diamond Weave pattern, using aerospace-grade carbon fibers, extends from button to tip, providing an optimum balance of strength, flexibility, and response – a hallmark of CodaBow’s commitment to excellence.

🎵 Lifetime of Worry-Free Play:

  • High-Wear Components: Precision-made components like the tip plate, tip wedge, and button bearings utilize industry-leading composite materials, ensuring durability and reliability for a lifetime of performances.

🌿 Sustainable Xebony Frog Solution:

  • Eco-Friendly Innovation: Xebony, a proprietary blend of natural fibers and resin, offers a sustainable alternative to instrument-grade ebony. Its durability, natural grain, and luster impress both players and bow makers while preserving endangered resources.

🌍 GlobalBow® Design for Worldwide Travel:

  • Travel-Friendly: The GlobalBow® designation guarantees that the DIAMOND GX contains no endangered species, allowing seamless passage through international customs.

Special Offers from CodaBow:

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  • 30-Day Risk-Free Return: Shop with confidence knowing you have a month to experience the bow's exceptional qualities.

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