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Bausch German Violin Bow

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Bausch German Violin Bow – A Blend of Timeless Craftsmanship and Superior Performance


🎻 Classic German Elegance & Precision – Experience the artistry of the Bausch German Violin Bow, a symbol of timeless craftsmanship and musical precision. This bow, steeped in the traditional violin-making heritage, is an essential tool for violinists seeking both historical richness and contemporary performance.

🌟 Exceptional Pernambuco Construction:

  • Material: Expertly crafted from octagonal Pernambuco wood, known for its strength, flexibility, and exceptional sound transfer.
  • Design: The bow features a distinctive octagonal stick, adding a unique aesthetic and enhancing the bow's grip and control.

πŸ’Ž Exquisite Detailing & Material:

  • Winding: Elegantly adorned with whalebone winding and goat leather, the bow offers a luxurious feel and durable grip.
  • Frog: The fully lined frog, complemented by an abalone slide plate lined with silver, adds to its sophisticated appearance and ensures stable, balanced handling.

🎡 Optimal Weight for Advanced Playability:

  • Weighing 60.26 grams, this bow is perfectly poised to provide the right balance between weight and maneuverability, making it ideal for advanced playing techniques and varied musical expressions.


  • Embrace the classical German craftsmanship of Bausch.
  • Benefit from the superior qualities of octagonal Pernambuco wood.
  • Enjoy the unique design and luxurious materials for a comfortable play.
  • Perfect weight for a balanced, responsive playing experience.
  • Ideal for violinists seeking a high-quality, older German bow in very good condition.

Elevate Your Musical Expression!
Are you prepared to enhance your violin journey with a bow that embodies tradition, elegance, and unmatched performance? Click β€˜Add to Cart’ and let the Bausch German Violin Bow transform your musical narrative with its exquisite craftsmanship and superior playability.