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Beginner 4/4 Violin Outfit Model V51


Our Best Beginner Violin Outfit

We believe that providing a new musician with a good quality, durable, and affordable instrument will help them enjoy practicing and playing music.  Quality materials and workmanship allow this instrument to stay in tune and play with minimal effort.  This violin is suited for beginner players to those that have played for a year or two.

Available through our in house Rent-To-Own Program for only $20 per month.

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Top: Solid carved spruce for the best beginner violin tone quality, no laminates or plywood.

Back: Solid carved maple for ideal resonance and color of sound, no laminates or plywood.

Sides: Same wood as the back

Scroll: Same wood as the back

Fingerboard: Ebony for long wearing durability and stability

Fittings: Ebony pegs and chinrest, fine tuner integrated tailpiece

Bridge: Despiau Superior bridge custom fit here at Violin Shop Tampa 

Soundpost: Spruce, custom fit and adjusted right here in our shop

Strings: D'Addario Prelude vioiln string set

Varnish: Durable scratch resistant varnish excellent for the beginner.

Tonal Characteristics: Warm, Responsive and easy to play ideal to learn on

Suitable for: Musicians that are just starting on the violin up to two years of experience.

Includes: This outfit includes the Violin ready to play, we even tune it for you before you leave the shop, the delux upgraded wooden framed violin case with pocket for rosin and place to keep your shoulder rest safely, and a high quality beginner carbon composite violin bow with real horse hair. 



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Price: $399.00

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